about this chick

cari lyle(Vintage Carl, back when we all wanted to be Zooey Deschanel)

No, my name’s not really Carl. It’s Cari Lyle Murray, which depending on the font can be very tricky. I’m no longer embarrassed when the barista calls out the wrong pronunciation; I’ve come to embrace my unusual name. (For clarity, it’s Cari, like Carrie, rhymes with Mary, Harry and Fairy.)

My husband once described me as “endearingly befuddled by the simple, yet quite adept at the complicated.” I took this as a compliment. I may be easily amused and perplexed, but I learn quickly and bulldoze my way through any challenge.

My love for words has predictably but wonderfully led me to a career where I get paid to read and write. In the office, I dissect grammar and consult about content strategy & marketing for public relations, healthy & well-being, technology, consumer, nonprofit and social innovation. Personally, I wax not-so-poetic about travel, fitness, pop culture, pizza, happy hour, guilty-pleasure TV shows and music, and my childlike adoration for animals.

Except raccoons. I hate raccoons.

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For a quick look into my psyche, follow me here:
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everything looks perfect from far away

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