why do you always write like you’re running out of time?

travel happy and get engaged

Ooo, boy, my last few posts were dark and dramatic.

Let’s break that up a bit, shall we?

In January 2015, my boyfriend (now husband, spoiler!) surprised me with a PUPPY. Meet Sully.

Sully the cutest dog ever

She was a horrible puppydon’t let that fluffy face fool you.

So we got her a brother. Meet Morris.

Morris the handsome dog

They’re bigger (and slightly less trouble) now. And I have officially retired my cat-lady status.

Personality changes are weird, man.

Speaking of, I got married! I also changed jobs a few times, traveled to a few different places (like Copenhagen, where we got engaged), and watched “Parks and Recreation” a few hundred times.

OK, cool. I think we’re all caught up.

*Title inspired by “Hamilton,” which has nothing to do with my darling puppies, but oh, my GOD, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. I stumbled onto a free ticket of the Seattle show last week (I know, I hate me, too), and now I’ve been listening to the soundtrack NON-STOP. (Fellow superfans, see what I did there?) Turns out A. Ham was a prolific writer. Maybe this fictionalized version of him will motivate me to post more than once every three years. 

3 thoughts on “why do you always write like you’re running out of time?

  1. HI there,Keep sending these this way which is the only way I will read them. Hope married dog life is great. We just got a new baby kitty. Come visitLovecyn and Jake

  2. Love your blogs! How about making decisions about job changes or how it feels to meet new challenges? Happy Birthday!

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