after all my plans melt into the sand

Every day is a blank slate. Not just Jan. 1. Not the first day of every month. Not your first day at a new job or in a new relationship. Every. Single. Day. And every hour, and minute, and second.


We rely on tangible dates to kick-start the goals we fear we’ll never reach. We give deadlines for starting new endeavors so we can end the old ones with a bang. We want a sober January, so we have a mostly drunk December. We want to detox from the Valentine’s candy, so we promise to go no sugar for Lent. It’s a silly cycle based around the idea that planning is actually doing.

I’m guilty of this scheduled goal setting – and I’m even guiltier of failing at those goals. But I’m learning that a little bit every day is better than nothing at all. Putting $5, $50 or even $500 into an untouchable bank account. Cutting up a credit card. Doing 25 pushups a day. Doing even 2 pushups a day. Saying no when I really want to say yes. They’re all teeny tiny steps in the right direction. They all help remove the fear of failure through realistic expectation-setting. 

Don’t view the start of a new year as the only time to begin. If you break your resolution today, don’t give up tomorrow.

* Title inspired by Band of Horses, “Older.”

3 thoughts on “after all my plans melt into the sand

  1. This is a healthy and encouraging way of looking at trying to achieve resolutions and setting realistic expectations — like it!

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