if adventures will not befall a lady in her village, she must seek them abroad

I did not get enough of Thailand last summer. The people, the scenery, the tropical weather, the kindness, the craziness — it all left me yearning for more. I knew I’d be back some day.

But I had no idea I’d be back just 14 months later. Yes, in a few short days, I’m heading over the Pacific once again. This time though, I’m exploring for three whole weeks with three of my very favorite people. We’ll trek through Chiang Mai to play with elephants. We’ll snorkel and swim in the Gulf of Thailand. We’ll watch our friend say “I do” to his gorgeous new wife on the beaches of Hua Hin. We’ll zig zag around Bangkok, hopefully making more sense of it than I did last year. And — my favorite part — we’ll leave our itinerary wide open to unknown opportunities.

I know I’m lucky. I make traveling a priority, and those closest to me help make it happen. My parents watch my cat, my coworkers cover my assignments, and my friends let me incessantly brag about my time away (although I’m sure they block my obnoxious Facebook posts the entire time I’m gone). In return, I can only thank them a million times a day, hug them when I get home, and convince them to hop on a plane to somewhere totally different. Thailand’s not necessarily new for me, but the experience will be completely different than anything I could possibly expect.

*Title inspired by Jane Austen. Image borrowed from weheartit.

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