you’re confident but not really sure

After taking a much-longer-than-intended hiatus, I’m finally making some noise with the obligatory oh-my-god-now-I’m-30 post. (Of course I am. I’m a millenial. Our entire problem-solving process is a mental Thought Catalog article.)

So here I am, entering my fourth decade, wiser and more confident than I was 10 years before. My 20s were a blur of life lessons. I moved and I traveled and then I moved back. I loved and I lost and then I loved again. I went blonde and I went brunette and then I went red. I did all the things I thought I was supposed to. I did a few things I knew I shouldn’t.

And it all turned out OK. Just like my parents said it would. Just like your parents probably said it would.

As I tiptoe back into this blogging thing, here are some thoughts from people more eloquent than me:

You will only be happy when you start to focus on the simple daily experiences that make you happy.”
Don’t forget to wander.”
You live bigger and you love harder.”

* Title inspired by Tom Petty’s “Saving Grace.”

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