we don’t need no education

I’m going to go from bragging about what a good reader I am to whining about what a terrible student I am.

School is hard, y’all.

I’m in the process of writing a thesis about the work-life balance. The sweet irony is that my life has been (and will continue to be) really unbalanced as I write my way through this last chapter of grad school. I may not physically be working on my research 24 hours a day, but I guarantee you it’s on my mind that often. You think I’m staring at you creepily? Nope — just zoning out, wondering how in the hell I’m going to convince 30 PR professionals to sit down on a Saturday and talk to me about work. Can’t believe I’ve forgotten that really funny story you’ve told me three times? Oops, sorry — was considering rewriting my literature review to highlight the theoretical implications of employee relations outside the office.

My insides are twisting in knots, and my breathing patterns are not consistent. I’m pretty sure I’m seeing double after staring at the computer so long. And did I eat today? No one will ever know.

But don’t worry. I’m still procrastinating like a champ and managing to squeeze in two weekend trips around the U.S. this month. So, there’s that.

I’m sure people are going to take my advice on balance seriously once this is over. I should probably title my paper “How to Squeeze 38 hours into One Day While Simultaneously Losing Your Mind.” Alternatively titled “This Girl Be Crazy.”

Is it too late to change my topic to the literary value of cats on the internet?

*Title inspired by Pink Floyd — but more importantly, inspired by a spoof song that my friends and I once sang background vocals on. I can’t find it online anywhere, but I guarantee it happened, and I guarantee it was awesome. 

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