mad, passionate, extraordinary love

Gratuitously talking about myself is probably more fun for me than you, but if you’re still reading after my trip ended, you probably know me in real life, and you’re probably used to it by now, and it probably bothers you a little, but you probably know I’m going to keep doing it anyway. So… sorry?

E Is Random, another Seattle blogger, recently posted a fun list of questions, so I’ve decided to answer them in a series of posts, starting with one that makes me want to repack the bags I just unpacked and venture out into this beautiful world.

If you could live anywhere, knowing that the most important people in your life would be there as well, where would you choose?

Italy, a country that stole my heart many years ago and refuses to give it back.

Just thinking about my time in Rome, Florence and the dreamy coastal towns of the Cinque Terre relaxes me. It’s a country where time slows down even as the locals zip around on their mopeds and emphatically gesture throughout loud, overzealous conversations. Its people own its downfalls and madness by unapologetically celebrating life through culture, history, food and passion.

I’ve romanticized my adventures there to anyone who will listen. Italy taught me how to travel, and it taught me how to be open-minded, and it taught me how to be a fiercely independent grownup. I went there for four weeks after college graduation and bathed in its magic. I learned that no day is complete without a glass of wine and a scoop of ice cream. I turned 22 in a Venetian restaurant with 40 strangers singing “tanti auguri” to me, and I wished for the stars.

Yes, this all sounds very American Girl Eats, Prays and Loves Under the Tuscan Sun, but I’m completely enamored. Although I just left little pieces of my soul sprinkled across Asia, and I have grandiose plans to conquer South America next, Italy will always be the place I most want to call home.

*Title inspired by a quote that describes the way I feel about Italy, as well as most other things in this world: “Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.” — Dream for an Insomniac

4 thoughts on “mad, passionate, extraordinary love

  1. Nice Cari! Yes, Italy is my choice too – after my favorite USA! Enjoyed our lunch date yesterday. Thanks for the treat. Hope to see you again soon. XOX Grams

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