so beautifully arranged on a plate

Confession: I don’t like rice.

And yes, I purposely waited to post this until the end of my trip.

For years, people have been baffled by my adamant disgust with the grain. “Hope you never plan to go to Asia!” they’d say. Or when finding out, why yes, I did plan to go to Asia, they’d go, “But what will you eat?!”

Pure sugar cane juice and dragon fruit.

Newsflash, America: There’s other food to eat in Asia. And it’s AMAZING. Not only does Asia have every type of food you can imagine, it has chefs that create mouthwatering meals on every corner. Asia even does American food better than America does American food.

Ham& cheese croissant at the top of Victoria Peak.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup that blew my mind. I had the best combination of pizza toppings in my entire life (Gorgonzola and artichokes). I had chicken feet and goose stomach and pork belly and crickets. I had a buffalo chicken burger with perfectly ripe avocados and honey mustard. I had dim sum in Hong Kong and prata in Singapore and pad thai in Thailand. I trusted my friends to order for me, and I celebrated the adventure of trying new cuisines.

Seafood laksa.

And (sadly) I gained a few vacation pounds even though I was walking several miles a day.

So, yeah. You can hate rice and still survive in Asia.

*Title inspired by Julia Child, who will always remind me of my beautiful Grandma Pat, the best chef I know.

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