was it everything you wanted to find?

As I settle in for my last few days in Hong Kong, I realize I’ve accomplished quite a bit. But not enough. (Says the girl who just ate chicken feet for lunch.)

This country offers so many different cultural adventures that two weeks now seems like an impossibly short time to be here. I’m already a week behind in recapping this adventure, and I haven’t even touched on the incredible professional experience. In no particular order, I have:

  1. Visited Victoria Peak twice.
  2. Attended a blogging/networking event with my colleagues.
  3. Seen the Symphony of Lights from four different angles.
  4. Taken four ferry rides.
  5. Eaten two romantic candlelit dinners alone.
  6. Eaten many more meals with big groups of people I didn’t know existed two weeks ago.
  7. Eaten a lot of weird food I didn’t know existed two weeks ago.
  8. Cooked my own meal on a restaurant table.
  9. Used chopsticks at least once a day.
  10. Attempted to learn basic Cantonese sayings.
  11. Learned to quickly convert Hong Kong dollars to American dollars in my head.
  12. Watched wild cows and dogs wander down the street.
  13. Rap karaoked at the weirdest club ever.
  14. Ridden the cable car on Lantau Island (where the airport and Hong Kong Disneyland live) to Giant Buddha.
  15. Walked down a wisdom path.
  16. Meandered through the Ladies Market and the Temple Night Street Market in Kowloon.
  17. Navigated the MTR system with no problems.
  18. Peoplewatched in many parks scattered throughout the city’s towering skyscrapers.
  19. Observed several people catching fish on the waterfront.
  20. Drank wine on the rooftop of the IFC building.

This list doesn’t even cover the six days I’ve worked in the office, the three books I’ve read on my Nook, the two loads of bathtub laundry I’ve done, the 10 treadmill miles I’ve run, the dozens of miles my co-worker Sean and I walked this weekend, or the catastrophic spill I took off a two-foot-high curb resulting in a badly twisted ankle. Like I said, I’ve done a lot. But I still need to squeeze in so much more!

*Title inspired by Train, “Drops of Jupiter.”

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