i walked a million miles while everyone was asleep

(I’m overwhelmed by the amount of emails and messages I’ve received about yesterday’s post. Thank you all for your kind words, and I’m passing the good wishes onto my friends who need support and love right now.)

My trip to Hong Kong has been filled with work, typhoons and sightseeing. Many of you know I’ve always been a sucker for internet surveys (read: I like to talk about myself), so, after being here just over a week, I’ve decided to give myself a quick five-question quiz about the experience so far.

1. Best food: This is hard because I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve tried. I’m pretty adventurous when I travel, so I’ve had numerous delicious local delicacies, as well as Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean dishes. If I had to choose, I’ll go with the dim sum I ate on Saturday, a dining experience I’d been anticipating for months before my trip. The food was great, and the company was even better. I also am loving iced milk tea.

2. Worst food: Eggs I ordered from room service. Seriously. Have you ever eaten a bowl of melted butter? Me either — because I had two bites of those butter-soaked eggs and stopped eating. Ugh.

3. Item I’m most glad I packed: Travel-sized bottle of Febreze. When you’re living out of a suitcase for weeks, bathtub laundry is an inconvenient necessity, but spraying your clothes is a fast, easy and sneaky way to at least smell clean.

4. Item I’m least glad I packed: Work pants. Yes, this trip is a professional excursion, but the office attire is fairly casual. Besides, shopping is a serious hobby here — I could’ve just bought appropriate clothes. Now I just have less room for a new wardrobe!

5. Thing that surprised me most: My Hong Kong colleagues speak to one another in Chinese. DUH. I stupidly did not expect that. Thankfully, they all also speak English — and they’re all very sweet and hospitable to this charmingly self-absorbed American idiot.

*Title inspired by Ashlee Simpson, “Autobiography.”

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