nobody plans to be half a world away

I’m going to pause for a minute.

Life is an endless game of choose-your-own-adventures. Will I take this new job? Will I marry this person, or will I wait for someone better? Will I have a good day or a bad day? Will I laugh through my sadness? Will I let my own ego and depression drastically alter the lives of people around me?

I know I wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean others will make the same decision.

When tragedy strikes while you’re abroad, you feel a sense of helplessness and loneliness. You feel claustrophobic and unable to breathe. You feel just as small as you would back home — you just don’t have the physical ability to console those who are grieving. In a city of several million people, all of whom have shown me so much generosity and love in the past week, my deepest thoughts are with those I can’t see.

Be kind. Hug your friends. Kiss your family. And choose light over darkness. Your decisions matter to someone.


*Title inspired by Brand New, “Guernica”:

If I could I would shrink myself,
and sink through your skin to your blood cells,
and remove whatever makes you hurt but
I am too weak to be your cure.

3 thoughts on “nobody plans to be half a world away

  1. Hugs and love from afar. I suffered a loss this week as well. But, no matter where you are your loved ones know what’s in your heart.

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