…let it wash away my sanity

Just a brief update: That T3 warning I mentioned yesterday? Turns out it became a T10 overnight! I didn’t even realize the warning system went that high. No wonder I couldn’t sleep through all that wind and rain.

In all seriousness, this storm was a big deal. It was the worst Hong Kong has seen in a decade, and many people were injured. I left the office early last night and stayed in my hotel until the office reopened at 2 p.m. today. My stir craziness was thankfully the worst part.

Here’s hoping the worst of the weather is long gone.


*Title still inspired by Hilary Duff. I told you it wasn’t going to be the last time.

5 thoughts on “…let it wash away my sanity

  1. I saw something about that on CNN yesterday and thought “holy mackerel, that chick named Carl is over there! I hope she takes some pictures!” Then I was distracted by a crazy person alternately chanting and swearing outside my window (the equivalent of “squirrel!” here) and forgot about it until now. May fortune dish up some fairer weather for you and the battered city you’re in.

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