let the rain fall down

So, yeah. I came to Hong Kong during typhoon season.

I didn’t really consider the climate when I scheduled my exchange. Instead, I looked at my calendar, realized I had a two-month window without school and immediately booked my flight. Besides, what’s a little rain to this Seattle girl?

Later, this decision would come back to haunt me.

Later being today.

The weather out there can only be described as TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. It’s 3:30 p.m., and it’s dark. I can barely see the neighbouring buildings, and if you haven’t gathered from my earlier posts — there are a lot of neighbouring buildings. I learned from some expat friends this weekend that Hong Kong uses a weather grading system, categorizing storms as T1, T3 or T8. Once it reaches T8, the city shuts down. We’re at a T3 right now, but my colleagues suggest that this number will change by nightfall.

Oh, the irony of the office being closed during my too-short visit. Maybe next time I book a trip, I’ll do a little research first.

*Title inspired by Hilary Duff. Oh, yes, I quoted Lizzie McGuire. I’d be lying if I said it would be the last time.

6 thoughts on “let the rain fall down

  1. Hope you are keeping dry missy! I’m weird and really like watching the rain like that (through a window from a dry spot with a drink, of course) but I’m sure you’d like to be out exploring. Keep the posts coming and stay clear of cabs please.

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