i won’t see you for some time

As someone who suffers from a serious case of “grass is greener” syndrome, long trips keep me from losing my mind. They open my eyes to different cultures; they change my perspective; and they force me to stop standing still in my everyday life. In just a few short days, Hong Kong has already reignited my energy with its vibrance and beauty.

I walked nine hours on my first full day here. (Also known as “competitive touristing,” a sport my dad and I perfected in 2007 when he visited me in D.C. for a very brief 40 hours. Basically, you do as much as you can in as little time as you can. And then you drop.) As you can imagine, I only saw a fraction of what Hong Kong has to offer.

I’m staying near the Fortress Hill MTR stop on Hong Kong Island, and I started my journey by walking east toward the Central District, which is considered downtown. I almost immediately got taken out by a cab. Apparently, they drive on the other side of the street here. Oops. Sorry, Mom. Won’t happen again. (Unless you count almost getting hit by a moped on my second day. But THEN it won’t happen again.)

After my heartbeat slowed to its normal pace, I went on my merry way. I saw people performing tai chi exercises in Victoria Park. I marveled at the architecture and fountains. I ducked into the air conditioned shops of the World Trade Center. I ate seafood laksa and impressed my waiter by using chopsticks instead of a fork. I drank an iced coffee at a place called Pacific Coffee, which was a much more adventurous alternative to one of the six Starbucks I passed. I wandered to the ferry terminal and watched many boats travelling in the harbour. I windowshopped at the IFC Mall. I giggled at the monkeys in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens. I climbed a lookout tower at Hong Kong Park, which was still much shorter than many of the buildings in the city. I drowned in my own sweat. I watched the city lights over kale salad and beer (like I always say, well-balanced meals are the best fuel for competitive touristing). I broke in my TOMS and navigated the MTR back home to my hotel.

And then I dropped.


* Title inspired by The Head and the Heart “Lost in My Mind.”

8 thoughts on “i won’t see you for some time

  1. I am glad you are doing some competitive tourist training ahead of my visit. So much to see, so little time but really looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you for not getting run over by the cab and moped. Sounds like you’re having a great time and seeing lots. Love you and stay safe, Mom

  3. I think you win the family competitive touristing competition. You saw more in one day than we saw in 3. Forgot to mention that driving on the other side of the road thing. Glad you survived. Love you

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