she was…an American girl

I made it! After a 15-ish-hour long flight across the globe (with a brief happy hour break in Tokyo), I landed much earlier than expected in Hong Kong at 8:45 p.m. July 19. Even though my guidebooks all say that’s what time the city really comes to life, this party animal went straight to her hotel and fell asleep. Needed to be ready for a big day of walking in 95% humidity! (just kidding. No amount of sleep could’ve prepared me for that kind of heat.)

First impressions:
Flying in at night was amazing. For someone who hates fireworks, I’m always surprisingly in awe of city lights.

Getting around on public transportation is a piece of cake.

Everyone is very friendly.

Everyone can easily tell I’m American and speaks in English immediately. Considering I know zero Cantonese, I’m ok with this.

*Title inspired by Tom Petty, of course.

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