buzzing like neon lights

In less than 36 hours, I’ll be eastward bound to Hong Kong! It goes without saying, but I’m unbelievably excited to explore one of the world’s most popular and vibrant cities for the first time. I work for an amazing company that selected me to participate in a two-week exchange program, where I will be meeting my Hong Kong and Singapore colleagues, networking with clients, and learning first-hand about international business, a personal passion of mine.

Then I get to spend six days relaxing in Thailand.

So, yeah. My life is not terrible.

Someone’s not impressed.

*Title inspired by Natasha Bedingfield, “Neon Lights.” The song may not be about Hong Kong, but people keep comparing the city to a busier, brighter and cooler New York, so it seemed fitting.

3 thoughts on “buzzing like neon lights

  1. The agency couldn’t have chosen anyone better to participate in this program, Cari. Looking forward to following your journey …

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